Wednesday, February 13, 2008

About Mallappally

Mallappally is a Taluk in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala State of India. is one of the five Taluks making up the Pathanamthitta district and holds the distinction of being the Taluk with the lowest population among all the Taluks in the State. The majority of the population are either Hindu or Christian. The land derived its name from Mallan meaning Strong People and Pally meaning Church, and is believed to have a community of brave aggressive people from the nearby communities.
Even before the birth of the present day Kerala state, Mallappally had the unique distinction of having the most number of B.A. graduates from a particular geographical area in the erstwhile Travancore state. The town straddles the river Manimala which majestically flows southwards bisecting the town in to western and eastern parts. During summer months every year, a flat and wide sandy bed is formed in the middle of the river, large enough to hold conventions and festivals. The well known Mallappally Convention and the Shivarathri festival take place on two such vast sandy patches just yards away from the landmark bridge across the river. The landscape of Mallappally is dotted with several old and famous churches and temples.

The land holds a reasonable history and culture which includes:

  • VBS (Vacation Bible School) was first introduced at Mallappally, Kerala during 1953-56 by the CSI Missionaries.
  • Mallappally Convention was started in 1912 - this is an ancient gathering of the Malakara Christian Community, mainly communities of Mar Thoma and CSI.
  • Shiva Rathri, a legendary Hindu festival, is celebrated at its best and has the greatest gathering in Kerala, after the Alwaye Shiva Rathri. The land has now become popularly known as Shiva Rathri Nagar.
  • The Mallappally taluk holds one of the oldest Stone temples in India located in Kaviyoor.
  • Mallapally is the hometown of Great VolleyBall Player Prayattukunnel Oommen Varkey (Olympian Varkey/ Mallapally Varkey)
  • Nearest police station is Keezhvaipur.
  • Rev.George Matthen Mission Hospital.It serves as a medical hub in the society with no other standard medical institutions within a radius of 16 km.

    Cochin International Airport is 75 km north. The nearest railway station is Thiruvalla Railway Station.


Rev. Matthew Ninan said...

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